View Full Version : 21, MRM Prolobium (Epilobium Parviflorum), No sex drive!

03-10-2013, 05:52 PM
I have not frequented these forums for some time, but the last time I wrote here I mentioned that I was using lipogaine and regenepure shampoo as regimen. I dropped the minox since mid November and have experienced progression of temporal recession.

When I noticed the hair loss I looked into some alternative dht inhibitors to finasteride. I researched and came across epilobium as the staple ingredient to a member's regimen on another forum (Pete's regimen on hairlosshelp).

I ordered the MRM brand which contains epilobium with water and alcohol that can be supplemented daily. I began by working my way up to the full dosage of 15 drops in the morning and 15 in the evening.

I noticed an almost immediate reduction in scalp itch from the first week, but I also noticed a hit on my libido so I cut back on the dosage. I eventually weened to only an evening dose but three and a half weeks later symptoms persist.

My current 'regime' consists of MRM ProLobium 9 drops at night, Healthy Origins vitamin d3 5000 IU once daily, maxi-hair hair, skin & nails once daily, NOW tocotrienols & E complex once a day, good'n natural zinc for acne (which works for what it is intended - no more acne), and NOW nettle root extract 1 250 mg pill in the morning. Also, I continue to shampoo with the Regenepure.

I added the nettle root and zinc to see if they had any impact on SHBG levels and my worsening breakouts, respectively. So far, my acne has halted completely but I've noticed no improvement in terms of my sexual desire.

Prior to epilobium, I had regular morning erections and several erections throughout the day. Today I never experience morning wood and erections are very rare if any, and they are quite weak.

Perhaps I was foolish to initiate the herbal treatment without first testing my hormones, but I just have no free time recently as a college undergrad and I was certain that it would be effective for I could not find any articles or threads on the internet pertaining to sexual side effects from the herb.

My question now, do you think that the absence of my libido is solely caused by the ProLobium and if so, why? I had believed that its anti-aromatase properties would yield an opposite effect. Do you think that the nettle root extract is viable in any way as a solution/alternative? Any responses would be much appreciated.