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03-10-2013, 07:28 AM
Hi everyone,

My names Dan and I started loosing my hair when I was 21. By the age of 23 I was getting fairly thin on top, and seemed to be following exactly the same pattern as my brother who is a few years older than me and by then completly bald. I started getting comments from friends who saw it as easy banter, but worst of all from girls. I remember hearing one girl who I hadn't seen for a while saying to her friend "oh my god, whats happened to his hair!" That ruined my night, and would be the beginning of my social anxiety.

I used to be confident and very flirty, and never had a problem on the lady front! However, hair loss changed all of that, and I became a person who hated looking in the mirror, and stoped going out without a hat.

In desparation, and went to Advanced hair studios who suggested 6 months laser therapy plus minoxidil. The treatment seemed to work, but I later realied the laser therapy was a waste of time, and all I had done was pay for the most expensive 6 month supply of minoxidil imaginable! I found Advanced Hair Studios to be the worst company I have ever dealt with, and the whole place was very unprofessional. Anyway, I continued for a year with the regain which helped thicken up my hair a nd I had some regrowth. By the age of 26, the regain was loosing its effectiveness, so I went of propecia aswell as the regain. This really worked for the first two/three years and helped to thicken up my hair, however by the age of 28 it stopped being effective at the front, and I thinned out slightly at the back.

I started to research HT's, and quickly read forums like this, and came across Spex. I met up with him and Dr Feller in London about a year ago, and was told I was a good candidate, as my hair at the back is very thick, and a good texture, plus I have good elastisity. I also met one of his patients who had a HT and his result looked good, although the appearance from a distance is always better than close up, as an amlmost bald person can never have a thick head of hair because the donar supply is never enough. I also met Dr Wong in London a few months ago, and he also said I was a very good candidate, as I had better than average donar supply. He did notice that my hair at the sides was thinning slightly, which I had notices aswell. This didn't stop him recommending me for surgery. I must admit it scares me to think my hair might thin more after having a HT!

Anyway, I am at a point now where I either go for it, and get my confidence back, although long term my hair might thin further after the HT and I might look bad. Or I don't get a HT and wait for future treatments, although these always seem to be 10 years away!! If I did get a HT, and my hair thinned out further in say 10 - 15 years time, perhaps there will be more advanced treatments to help!? Its a bit of a dilema, and I would appreciate any advice. On a positive note, I know I have found two of the very best HT Surgeons in the world so I know I would be in safe hands!

I will upload some pics soon, and would appreciate honest feedback. I would also like to wish everyone who experinces the same anxiety all the best. Hair loss for some people is not a problem. But it does alter the way you look, and this can have horrible effects on people self-esteem.

Thanks in advance (and sorry about my spelling!)


03-10-2013, 10:50 AM
Hi Dan,

My top tip is avoid strip surgery if possible.

We'd need to see your photos to be sure, but depending upon your expectations, FUE might be possible.

Also contrary to popular belief, FUE is affordable. I just had a 2600 FUE session in Belgium with Dr Feriduni. I'm blogging my entire experience so be sure to check it out.