View Full Version : 20 year old male and starting to lose hair

03-10-2013, 01:22 AM
Crazy as it might be but I'm starting to lose my hair at 20. Honestly I'm not scared to be bald but not at 20, that's way too young maybe in my late 20's or 30's ill be okay with it. I've done some research at theirs really only two options to fight male hair loss which is minoxidil and propecia. I've been using minoxidil for like a month and want to start using propecia as well. I went to go see my gp doctor and that Asian lady told me oh don't worry son you aint losing your hair. I'm like cant you see the obvious bald spot of hair that I have on the left side of my temple. I'm not at the point of my male hair loss where its omg noticicible but obvious if you actually look at my hairline as its receiding from the sides, especially from the left where its like a shape of a rectangle of practically no hair, the right side has barely started receding. For like two years my left temple had a bald spot of hair receding and that was basicly it, no other hair loss. A couple months ago is when my actual whole scalp started shedding hair like crazy. All I would have to do is run my finger through my scalp and a thon of hairs would fall off. This was so annoying that I just buzed cut my hair to a size 1 which stopped the shedding. Once my hair grew back the thing was that the top of my hair felt weird. It felt really thin and actually it is thinner because I plucked a few hairs from random spots on top scalp and a few from my sides and back and definitely the back and sides were ticker and plucking my top hairs actually did not hurt at all but my back and side hairs from scalp hurt like a bitch when I plucked them lol. At this point I hear the best time to use propecia is as early as possible but my gp don't think I'm losing hair but I just think she doent want me to worry about hair loss and she also doesn't want to refer me to my insurance dermatologist. If a dermatologist says I'm not losing hair which I'm sure he or she wont my question is can the doctor diagnose male hair loss by just looking at my scalp or will she have to run test because I plan to see some dermatologist that my insurance wont cover. And does it take just one visit to a dermatologist to get a prescription for propecia?