View Full Version : Uberlash - Miracle?

Lewis Hamilton
03-06-2013, 10:49 PM
Here's a thought and am putting this out there to see what members think of this?

I was talking to a woman I know a month ago and she looked different than when I last saw her 8 weeks prior to that. Her eye lashes were amazing and I asked her when she had had the false ones put on. Her response was that she'd been using Uberlash, a product designed to enhance the eye lashes that comes in a serum.

I picked my wife up yesterday from a salon and the women in there were talking about the product and one looked quite spectacular, resplendent with long eyelashes that were thick and dark.

The question I'm asking everyone here is has anyone ever tried this stuff on the scalp? It's bloomin expensive and I doubt it would be a sustainable product unless you were loaded with cash, but thought i'd check:


It obviously wont solve DHT issues and MPB, but could be quite something in the growth stakes (aka Minoxidil).

I've emailed them to ask them have they ever tested it on the male scalp - will come back with their response.

03-07-2013, 10:17 AM
I heard about this last year when the UK version hit the shelves, every woman seemed to go mad for it, I really understand what ingredient in it that actually promotes growth but I believe it definitly has some kind of slow acting tempory hair dye.

The ends of everyones lashes are very fine and lighter than the middle section, when you dye these it gives the impression of much thicker and longer lashes. I reckon this is some glorified form of eye lash dye.