View Full Version : My Introduction & hair loss story/question

03-04-2013, 04:16 AM
Hi Folks,

Iím 41 years old; I have been suffering from hair loss for several years. I was previously using topical minoxidil up until about 8 months ago.

Iíd researched Propecia thoroughly and decided that I would try it for a year, I managed to obtain a private prescription for Propecia and noticed an immediate change within the first few weeks; my shedding lessened to an almost unnoticeable degree & I began to see lots of fine hairs growing.

About 6 weeks ago I had to stop taking Propecia due to financial reasons; I had a period of roughly two weeks not taking Propecia while I sourced some Finasteride.

During the two weeks off of Propecia I didnít notice much shedding, however after about four/five weeks of taking Finasteride I have noticed an increased amount of shedding; more so than Iíd experienced before.

For the Finasteride I have been cutting a pill in half and taking one half every Mon/Wed/Fri, so Iím getting roughly 1.25mg per day.

What I wanted to ask is, would you say this is typical of Propecia/Finasteride? As I didnít experience much shedding while taking the brand name drug, but have experienced more shedding while taking the generic form.

I sourced the Finasteride from QHI, Iíve used them before & they have been around for a long time.

Iím beginning to wonder if the Finasteride is even working. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.