View Full Version : 9 months post op, small scab breakaway from donor site contain tiny hairs..any ideas?

03-04-2013, 03:02 AM
Hi guys,

had a transplant last year of 1250 grafts by strip method, recovery has been fine and so far pretty pleased with results...my query is....i have read that the final result wont be seen until around 18 months post op...and I have noticed (sometimes i get dry skin/dandruff on my temples or fringe area) if i ever pick a bit of dry skin from the donor area and look very closely up to the light i can see sometimes six or seven tiny, tiny hairs, very fair (im quite dark) that look as though they've just come through. i wondered if a; these are hairs from the transplant, b; have i pulled away the root as i picked the scab (or is it still in place and another hair will grow anyways) and c; how long does it take for a hair like this to reach full maturity??

would have added some pics but unfortunately would need a seriously clever camera to pick them up

if anyone has had this before or has heard of this would be very helpful