View Full Version : Fin/Du prescription help

03-01-2013, 01:32 PM
Hey all! I'm new to the forums here (Sorry if this isn't posted in the right section :D)

Im 26 years old and my hairs been thinning out for the past 3/4 years or so. I've been using minox for 3 months now and have been starting to see results! I know I will probably see more from minox, but need more help. I'm ready to start taking either Fin or Du to give me a little boost.

Is there anyone located in the Central Pennsylvania area that could recommend either a doctor or dermatologist I could see?? I called my doctor and they said they would pretty much just refer me somewhere else. I don't have the money to be bouncing back and forth between doctor referrals. I called a dermatologist today and they treated hair loss, but weren't accepting new patients. I keep searching online, but can't find anything other than websites that just show spam- in my eyes.