View Full Version : 2,612 grafts Dr Cooley at 5 months

Jerry Cooley, MD
02-28-2013, 05:16 PM
The patient is in his early forties with 3A loss. We performed 2,612 FU grafts (1-417, 2-1,336, 3-716, 4-143; 5,809 hairs). We simultaneously performed PRP+ACell treatment and used ACell on the grafts. He used a post operative spray we helped develop containing liposomal ATP. He returned at five and half months for a check, demonstrating early robust growth. Not all patients grow in at this rate but we are seeing more of them with our enhanced protocol. The post op ATP provides the grafts needed energy until the capillaries are formed around day 5. The transplanted hairs measured about 5 cm, indicating no telogen delay.