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02-27-2013, 12:24 PM
just to start i have to say a massive thank you for this forum, talk about free counselling lessons. I am a frequent poster on other forums and after listening to a few bald truth UK shows though i would share my story on here! Even though i signed up years ago on here i have never posted!

A little bit about myself, started losing my hair around 20, im now 28. i have been using proscar for the last 3 years and would say my hair loss has not progressed much if at all.

I have been reading/researching forums for the last 5 to 6 years and have probably researced/ put more effort into this than my degree! not good but probably true.

I currently live near Machester and have been in touch with a few Doctors who have recommended from 1500-2500 grafts to improve my frontal 3rd and hairline. All have assured me this will be no problem and donor area is fine. Now the hard part believe me im sure i have read every post, argument, pics and topics on most forums they is to know and maybe reread! so i guess i could say i have a decent enough knowledge to prepare myself

I really only want FUE...i know what we want and what we need should be taken into account but i cant bring myself round to strip even though the yield is probably always better (please no FUE/FUT arguments) read enough to last me a life time!

I want to improve my hairline/frontal density within the next year as this has affected me for to long and you only live once so why not try to be as happy as you can be i plan on traveling this summer as im a student so see this as a perfect chance to have a procedure done. budget is an issue but can be achieved with what i want hopefully.

sorry about the long email......now for the questions and hopefully some advice back from you nice chaps in the forum

Density in the front? Im being told different scales from different doctors, from 35-40 to 50-60? i like my hair short on top, about an inch long with a current hairstyle. Surely this wouldnt be achievable with density of 35-40?

BUDGET???? i know this is a no no in the hairtransplant industry but is it possible to get a Doctor like the fellers and Rahals on a budget? commitments in my life really mean i can only budget a certain amount each year

Also.. why do hair transplants not really have many styles with a fringe? i cant seem to find many styles, they all seem to be brused back

once again sorry for the long email but it is my first in a few years!

And just a big thank you to spex who has always been a great help, not once has he mentioned a procedure to me, just given good solid advice. And believe me that is hard to find on some forums. big respect, keep up the good work fella

hope for some feedback guys.

02-27-2013, 01:30 PM
Hey Ray1,

I appreciate the kind words. Im not sure if we have spoken personally or even if ive seen your situation but feel free to remind me via email who you are.

There are some great surgeons out there and with some research you will hopefully find the right one for you at the right price. Often taking your time to save up is worth it so make sure you make the right decision for you and dont rush in based on the cheapest deal you can find as that often ends in tears i can assure you.

Like i said ping me a mail as happy to help further if i can. Also be great if you can call in to the UK show as next live one is on the 3rd March !:cool:


02-27-2013, 03:31 PM

Spex we have spoken on the phone a few years back and emailed quite a few times not to long ago. I have directed a few friends to you in the UK, wont believe how many hair loss sufferers i know in the UK are now thinking of a hair transplant since the rooney/Gardiner saga. I guess it nice to be highlighted however the bad clinics out there are already rubbing their hands:eek:

Loving the UK baldtruth show, hopefully it becomes big in the UK as it is in the US because we need it. Will be listening in on the 3rd and hopefully will get a chance to chat to you and spencer live on air:cool:


02-28-2013, 03:00 AM
All good. Drop me a mail if you like as happy to help review your situation for you and advise best i can.