View Full Version : The best place for treatment advice.

02-26-2013, 08:11 PM
These boards - Filled with too many varying strong opinions and can be very confusing and misleading.
Alot of people hold some very misinformed dangerous opinions and promote them vigorously.

General practitioner doctor/physicians - Most just don't know anything about hair loss.

Dermatoilogists - Most don't know anything about the side effects of medications or about any treatments that haven't been FDA approved.

The answer?
Mens health/sexual health doctors.

My experience with two seperate mens health doctors is that they know an enormous amount about hair loss it's treatments.

If you need some balanced advice from someone with documented authority, seek out a mens health doctor.
Some of them even advertise that they specialise in hair loss which is preferable if you can find one like this near you.