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02-26-2013, 03:56 PM
Well, today is the exact day 6 months ago that I went off propecia after 3 years on it.

Why go off?

Just got concerned about the long-term impact of limiting DHT in my body. Yup, I know there is no clear evidence either way but just didn't want to risk it any longer.

What's coming off Propecia like for your hair?

I had great hair. Mid length dark curls, full hair and fairly thick. Within weeks hairs started falling out. I actually had forgotten the feeling as that was what it was like prior to propecia (sink filled with hairs, bathroom floor, etc.). The part that I didn't think about was the overall decrease in hair quality. All my hair is changing and becoming much less manageable. I have thinned out a lot and if I cut my hair short you would now see my scalp in the crown. Month 4 was probably the worse and I will say that things slowed down as of the past 30 days. Hairs don't fall out with the same frequency. I may be settling in to my normal MPB pattern or another massive shed is around the corner. Psychologically, it has been brutal. I already feel less attractive and to be honest older. I hate that my hair is limp again and not really easy to 'style.' Overall it has been a very hard experience.

Anything positive about coming off propecia?

I do physically feel better. It feels great to have morning wood back, my erections feel much stronger/fuller and the quality/volume of the semen is up. I do feel healthier and somewhat stronger. I also feel somewhat like I'm out of prison in the sense that I would shorten business trips if I didn't have enough propecia pills as I was terrified to miss a day.

Personal thoughts on propecia?

I love propecia. It works amazing plus I am a diffuse thinner so for me it was awesome and it just filled in all the gaps. It is a great drug but of course it reduces DHT which is a powerful form of testosterone. Not crazy about reducing DHT long-term even though I am sure it will only negatively impact a small sub-group just impossible for me to know if I'd be in that group or not.

I respect men on it and others like me who have decided to come off or avoid it. If the sides were something different I'd be on this drug in a heart beat.


02-26-2013, 04:17 PM
Thank you for this very intersting contribution.

I have stopped propecia for four weeks because I felt my libido went down.

My morning wood came back on day 13. More sexual thoughts, and I had sex seven times in one day with a girl and even ejaculated twice in a row at some point.

But I came back on it two days ago, taking my second pill in about one hour.

Propecia gives me less random sexual thoughts and erections but the actual sex did not improve my orgasms are the same and when I'm actually ****ing this is just as enjoyable. I figured I wouldnt get much sex as a bald man and also I was inspired by a lot of pictures of guys using concealers. I have a norwood three with a thinned forelock I stopped propecia because I thought it was no longer worth maintaining but toppik or dermatch might change it.

Also, before Propecia, I didnt get much sex and I put women on a pedestal; now I get laid a lot and this certainly explains why I am not that exited about it. The drop in libido is also in my head, but my morning erections returning also proved that propecia has sexual sides.