View Full Version : is all small hair miniturization?

02-25-2013, 05:44 AM
I am about a norwood 2, and for a while have felt my back and sides have been thinning, whilst the hairline actually improved on meds. My question is, when I run my fingers through the back of my head, every now and again I get a small, almost vellus (possibly even vellus) type hair come out, is this normal? Secondly when if I really ruffle my hair until I get 6 or 7 hairs, they are not all the same thickness, often all long but slightly less thick, is this normal? I went to a trichologist as soon as I thought something of it, 2 in fact and both said there was no miniturization, so why do I get small hairs?! And neither used a microscope or anything, just there eyes and a brush to inspect closely, should I trust that?

02-25-2013, 06:19 PM
Well hair goes through cycles so its possible a hair at the end is smaller but gets pushed out by new hair growth and cycle repeats. If the hair does not come back then you have MPB wherever it is I would argue miniaturized hair that does not grow back is MPB regardless of whether its a mature hairline, on the back or wherever. Some supposed experts would say though its normal to lose some hair as you age, but I dont buy into that theory. If the experts were that smart about MPB why are we still battling this problem? Clearly experts dont know everything.

03-04-2013, 03:15 PM
Thanks for the reply, one thing I've noticed but not mentioned, is that I have lost a bit of body hair, and certainly not developed more facial of chest hair as you might expect at the age of 19, so where I was worried about the miniturization that the trichologist couldn't find, could it be chronic telogen effluvium, it is something she mentioned when I saw her, but wanted me to have blood tests to rule out other possible causes first, I basically shed slightly more than normal and have over a period of 2-2 and half years, and now my sides a getting rather thin, but there is no miniturization that they can see, other than the very outer edge of sideburns, but I'm pretty sure that's where I used minox in panic a few months ago, and It thickened up some veluss baby hair stuff around the edges and around my eyebrows, grr. I shed probably nearer 200 hairs a day that I notice, and my hair feels a little thinner to ruffle around, and sides look quite bare when I lift my hair up. I feel my shedding has been all over, mostly healthy looking hair falls out although not always the same diameter but I have read that not all hair is the same anyway., sometimes smaller hair which considering I have early mpb in the temples is to be expected. Sorry for being long winded I just wanted to cram everything in, so what do you think, from what I've said, possible chronic telogen effluvium? What causes could there be other than stress, I am bmi 19 so rather underwight, 10 stone, 5 foot 11. And have been lighter, thanks!