View Full Version : Hair specialist at southern general was a joke !

02-23-2013, 09:38 AM
I had my appointment at the Southern general hospital hair clinic in Glasgow.The so called hair specialist had a quick look at my hair and diagnosed me with AGA(but cant be 100% sure) as she said she can see more hair loss from front .She suggested Rogaine.
My hair loss history.....
-Diffuse hair loss started a year ago (shed up to 200 hairs a day)
-Scalp itches and burns
-Mothers father has hair loss
-Father has hair loss
-Brother has hair loss
-One aunt on mothers side has hair loss
-All blood works are normal

She said l didn't need a biopsy even though my scalp burns and itches every day .I asked her various questions such as how Rogaine works and she said she didnt know (wtf ?hair specialist!?).I just feel so let down by this diagnosis !I shed all day every day so how can this be AGA ? Are there any drs or specialists in uk who actually know about hair loss or are they all just winging it ?Im sick of getting no where with this !I have started the Rogaine 2% out of desperation(which is making me shed even more) but don't know wither to start on Spironalactone as the specialist said it doesnt do anything for AGA and im scared to take it incase its not AGA as you need to take it for rest of life !Im so frustrated and angry that this condition is not taken seriously !!!!!!!This is causing me terrible low self esteem and depression as im sure it does for most of us !!!!Does anyone know of a good hair clinic or specialist in uk ?

Tracy C
02-23-2013, 01:22 PM
I asked her various questions such as how Rogaine works and she said she didnt know (wtf ?hair specialist!?).

In her defense no one is exactly sure how Rogaine works. They just know that it does regrow hair. There are many theories, some better than others, but nothing that provides a concrete answer to that question.

Rogaine should work for you, but it will work better if you can isolate and determine the cause of your hair loss and treat that cause. If it truly is androgenetic alopecia, you likely need Spiro as well. The burning and itching you have mentioned needs to be addressed also. These problems may be from the products you use to take care of your hair.

02-23-2013, 02:56 PM
Hi Tracy

I have had every test done in the book and everything is normal .Ferritin was low but has been over 70 for about 5 months now . l have burning sensations in ears and back of neck and my scalp itches and burns all the time(hair specialist shrugged her shoulders and told me my scalp looks normal with no dandruff).l use chemical free shampoo/conditioner. I was led to believe that hair only sheds in TE not AGA. l apparently do have a pattern to my hair loss(scalp showing on top) however l shed hair from the back also.I really dont know what the next step should be now as the hair specialist was my last hope .

Tracy C
02-24-2013, 02:15 AM
I was led to believe that hair only sheds in TE not AGA.

That is not exactly accurate. Shedding itself is a normal part of hair growth cycles. Hair follicles have a growth phase, shed phase and a resting phase. In AGA, the follicles are shrinking as they are going through those cycles. Eventually they shrink to the point that they can no longer produce hair. TE is a massive shed where most of the follicles shed out all at once as a result of some type of trauma or stressful event.

I have had AGA since I was in my mid 30's. I had no burning or itching anywhere on my scalp. My mother is bald, her three sisters are bald, my female cousins on my mothers side are losing there hair and my sister and I were losing our hair. In our case, it is pretty obvious that we have AGA. It is not often that obvious that a woman has AGA. My hair continued to thin out until I learned that this can be treated with meds. Since starting Spiro and Rogaine the thinning has stopped and my hair continues to thicken up even now, several years after starting treatment. However I did have areas that simply would not grow hair anymore. Those follicles were beyond saving. I had transplant surgery to fill in those areas.

I do not know where you live. If you are not satisfied with what one doctor says, you need to seek another doctor. Since you have already seen a "hair specialist", you need to focus on finding a dermatologist who can help you sort out what the problem is. This can be a daunting task.