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02-12-2013, 08:45 PM
All, I can definitely use some help. My overall hair is thinning and the quality is just not up to par for the most part for me to feel that I can achieve overall great results through any further hair restoration. Problem is, 3 years ago I had FUT done with Bosley....800 grafts in front hairline, and 400 sprinkled on top since couldn't fit in the hairline. Since then, my hairloss has progressed and in diffuse pattern so no idea where my hairloss is going despite the use of propecia etc. Even on the meds the hair is losing ground fast...and also major side effects. This makes me a less than ideal candidate for further restoration so I am trying to accept that I need to just cut my losses before doing further damage to the scalp. I do have a scar in back, but only on the right side that goes up around my ear. If I can FUE into that that would be great. My goal would be to shave down to a 0 guard or bic the head so I can just get on with life, but my problem is the unnatural grafts in front. Some are misangled, others are thicker than they should be...2/3 hair grafts in the hairline. Can't really see much scaring to the underlying skin, but the thicker hairs do have the indented look in some. I want them gone but don't know best route to take to correct any scaring of the hairline as well as removing the grafts. I have been told to extract all the grafts/but that could lead to further scaring? And I have been told laser them out..but that won't do anything if there is scaring along the hairline. Any top doctors recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I would love to take the route of extracting the grafts from hairline and placing back into donor scar, but if my skin condition is relatively normal under the grafts...or the grafts are very fine overall in texture, can that just lead to other issues that I don't want? Please help... thank you

02-15-2013, 02:29 PM

Thanks for sharing your story with us. It does take some courage so always know that you have some friends here. I can relate to your case as I hear from other men like you in same situation.

Without digital quality pics, it is difficult to comment with opinions. What you need to do is to send your quality pics to some docs that perform repair utilizing both FUE and strip. The ones that are proficient with both techniques and have good reputations for repair.

It's very possible that most of the troubled grafts can be extracted with FUE, and if you are a good healer, the scarring may not be very noticable if at all. You can also later come back after complete healing and have new FUE grafts added if some of the scarring is noticable. Some of the more stubborn grafts may need to be excised and depending how large the incision, may require one suture. At least this would remove the pitting and the inappropriate angles which cause the eye drift. The goal is not to restore the frontal third, but to improve its appearance overall while adding grafts to your donor scar within the same repair procedure.

This may very well be the best way to "reverse" the visual effects from the Bosley procedure.

Is your donor scar thin?