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02-12-2013, 05:34 PM
Hi everyone.

I first started noticing my hairline receding shortly after I turned 21 (wonderful age eh?). At this point I had begun to do some research on what types of medications could potentially fight it. I was very nervous to try things like minoxodil or finasteride because of the scary rap that they have been given. So I decided to take the safe route (in my opinion) and stick with an all natural approach called Procerin which had an oral and topical solution involving many different vitamins and minerals as well as argued cure Saw Pawmeretto (sp?).

I took this for a good year and a half. For the first few months it seemed like it was stopping the receeding of my hair line. But about a year later I noticed that the top (crown and front) were starting to slowly thin. This immediately scared me. I decided to give the topical minoxidil (5%) a try along with staying on the Procerin. I had no shedding occur (which I was happy with) and my hair stayed basically the same. After 6 months on the minoxodil I wasn't sure whether or not it had been working and stopped the drug.

Shortly after, my hair began to thin again even more. I continued on the Procerin and decided to try out Nizoral (2%) shampoo. Not only for the helpful reputation it got in concerns to hair growth but also for a bit of dandruff I had been getting because of the cold weather.

Unfortunately that was a bad idea for me. A few weeks after using it, I noticed that my hair was extremely shedding. I think I may have overused it and made my situation much worse. As soon as I noticed this I stopped using the shampoo and got a prescription for 1mg finasteride and once again started using the minoxidil. I still have hair coverage on the majority of my head. However it is very think and looks sparse due to the shed.

I have been on the medications for just over two weeks and have had little to no side effects other than falling asleep easier.

I am aware that a shed may occur from either the minoxidil or the finasteride. But because I already had a shed due to the Nizoral will I have yet another? And would one say that perhaps the Nizoral shampoo killed any of my hair when it was used? I now 24. I hope they are right when they say the quicker you treat it the better.


02-12-2013, 06:11 PM
Pictures of my hair after the Nizoral shed and 2 weeks of 1mg Finasteride and 5% minoxidil. Pardon the side way photo.