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06-30-2009, 06:04 PM
Well, here I am.

I've always known that this day would come, but have always held on to the hope that it would not be this soon.

My father is 55 and almost completely bald, even on the sides and back. Of my mother's 8 brothers, half are completely bald while the other half are more lucky but still thinned out and receded.

I will be 25 in 4 months, and I've just started to notice the first signs of fallout.

Here are the things that have happened in the past 3 months:

- My hair has stopped growing as quickly as before, especially the front half of my scalp. I have always had very thick hair that grows wildly and very quickly (haircut every 2 weeks). But over the past 3 hair cuts, the front has not thickened like it normally does and has in fact started to look much flatter and more dead. I no longer look like a crazed mad man in between haircuts, something that I miss very much. :(

- I saw some photos of myself recently and noticed that my hairline appeared further back than I expected. I've never seen this before in any photos at any time.

- Upon further inspection, my hairline has not yet started to shift, but the hair that is in the front 20-30% of my scalp is not as dense or as thick as they used to be. I do not see as many hairs per inch of scalp as I remember from before, nor is it as dense as the hair further back. For now. :(

Some questions:

1.) Could this be anything other than male pattern baldness? The sudden onset of this really worries me. I mean, looking at pictures from 5 months ago, nothing was wrong and my hair was growing as quickly and as thickly as it had ever been. This came about really fast.

2.) I saw my family Dr. today and he took my blood to test for iron deficiency and thyroid disorders. Is there anything else that needs to be checked?

3.) Does shampoo have anything to do with this? Both my parents swear that the wrong shampoo has affected their hair loss and I've heard this from many others as well. I googled "head & shoulders hair loss" and found a large group of people who claim they have lost hair from using Head & Shoulders shampoo. I have been using Head & Shoulders daily for the past year (and longer) to combat scalp itch, dandruff and scalp acne.

Thanks for reading and responding, guys. All of this is coming as quite a life shaking disappointment to me but I'm glad I at least found this place where I can ask questions and learn.


07-04-2009, 11:26 PM
Hi Rosso. Interesting you talk about head and shoulders shampoo, when i was using it around 23yrs of age my hair began getting thinner. Could be a coincidence though. Anyway I stopped using it, and switched to Nizoral which also combats dandruff, serrebhoa etc. Seems to do a better job for me at cleaning the scalp, u can actually feel it tingle a little, and seems to give better volume to the hair.
Maybe give it a try?