View Full Version : Hi there. New and have question on hair loss.

06-27-2009, 06:44 PM
Hi everyone. I would say I'm new to hair loss but new in a sort that I just started noticing my hair thinning and losing.

I read up on hair loss and from what I can tell they say hair loss is a long process. I only recently notice my hair loss on the front part/fore head in the last few months. The top of my hair, the back, and both sides are still full and thick. It's only the front part where I notice the hair thinning and I can see the scalp more.

To be honest I never notice this before in the last couple of years. Only in the last few months when I tried to gel my hair like I normally do I sort of get annoyed and wondering why I couldn't gel the front part of my hair like I used to. Thats when it struck me the reason was cause I didn't have a lot of hair there no more as it used to me. The funny thing is that my hair loss isn't that bad or noticeable if you were looking at me face to face. Its only when you looking at from the top and down sort of like a tall person looking down at you do you notice the hair loss in my front area. This is probably why I never really notice the hair loss because normally when I brush my hair, I just look at the mirror straight on. But looking at some pictures a couple of years ago, I know notice that my hair loss may have started sometime 2-3 years ago. Not really sure. It's just not this year that it really started to be noticeable to me.

I started on Proscar in the last 4 months. Probably hit my 5th month in July.

At any point here's my question. Maybe it's paranoid but I need to know. Even though I'm using Proscar now, each day when I brush my hair and each time I take a shower, I still lose hair daily from brushing and showering. To be honest I've been losing hair from brushing and showering for years to decades. Or at the very least as far as I can remember. I never even consider myself as someone who would have the problem of hair loss at 35 years of age. It's not like my family has a history of being bald for me to think about it. So losing hair from brushing and showering was something I never gave much thought into. I always consider when you brush your hair with hairspray or gel, you suppose to lose some hair. It's a normal thing. And when you take a shower, it's normal to lose some hair. But now I'm sort of paranoid.

After 4 months of taking proscar which was is suppose to at least stop the hair loss. I'm still losing hair from daily brushing and showering. Is this hair lose from brushing and showering normal or is it contributed to my hair loss?