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06-27-2009, 05:00 PM
Hi everone. I'm so glad there is a board like this for us. I'm a 50 year old balding man. Always had a thick full head of hair. I would say within the last year or so my hair has been thinning out quite considerably. MPB runs heavily in my family. Both my dad and grandfather were bald at an early age. My younger brother went completely bald in his teens. Older brother did the same. My mother is going bald now as well. I was one of the lucky one's that kept his hair until now. I'm devestated! Hair is very important to me. I now have to put sunscreen on top of my head when I go out in the sun or wear a hat. Never used to have to do that. I'm not on any hair loss treatments yet and not sure which is best for me to tell you the truth. I here so many bad reports about Rogaine and the mass amounts of shedding it causes I really cannot afford to lose any more hair. Have considered trying Propecia though. Just not sure if I can afford the cost of it. What are the best DHT blockers other than Propecia? Does Propecia help regrow hair as well? Have even considered natural hair loss regimens.

I'm basically balding on top of the head and the crown area. Hair line has receded quite a bit. I currently am growing my hair out. Use to have long hair and love it long.

Any suggestions would be greatly appeciated. I want to stop this hair loss quickly before I lose it all.