View Full Version : Regaining feeling in scalp after a FUT strip surgery

01-30-2013, 04:46 PM
Hi everyone

My name is Kris Aaron. I had surgery done 2 weeks ago at the Colorado Institute of Hair in Denver CO. The results look good, so far as I can tell, but some of the side effects of the surgery are driving me bonkers. I had about 2500 grafts put in, and the loss of sensation in the area is bothering me. I don't mind pain so much, but was unprepared for how much the numb feeling bothers me. I also sustained some nerve damage right above the donor area, in the back of the head, and that area is also completely numb. I went ahead with the surgery at this place which advertises $2 a graft, because a number of people including folks on this site said they had sound techniques, and the doctors do good work, and the testimonials for them are all good. A+ rating from BBB, checked all this out. The downside is, the doctor who did the work is not the person I interact with after the surgery. It is the "director", Chris M, who is not a doctor, and has the manner of a car salesman, and I just don't know what I think of him. He says everything is fine, great, and the sensation will come back eventually. So please don't say, ask the doc! I think the lack of a doctor always on the premises is why it is cheaper, which is great. Only way I could afford to get this done. But, would appreciate hearing your stories on this, and whether the lack of sensation could be permanent. Thanks.

Dr. Glenn Charles
01-30-2013, 07:42 PM
No matter what the cost of the procedure is the patient should always be able to speak with the doctor directly. In fact the doctor should want to answer the patients questions rather than any non medical person. It is relatively common to have some prolonged numb spots which can occur in the donor or recipient areas. I have had some patients who claaimed to have these effects last for 6-12 months. However, in most cases the normal scalp sensation returns within a few weeks.