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Limmer HTC
01-30-2013, 01:28 PM
This case presents as a classic Norwood Pattern 3A. He is in his early 20ís and was willing to accept a conservative restoration, so we moved forward with 1700 + grafts on 12/14/11. As he was from out of state he did not follow up in person till he came back for a second transplant 1 year to the date of his first, 12/14/2012. Shown are his original preop photos and his one year post op photos. On 12/14/2012, as many young men will do, he did a second transplant procedure of ~1200 grafts to augment the density of his original transplanted zone. We did not alter his hairline as he is still young and understands that with so many years ahead of him, even with being committed to medical management we need to remain conservative with design in case he begins lose hair again. Dr. Brad Limmer