View Full Version : 22 year old W/receding hairline. What are my best options?

01-30-2013, 10:59 AM
Hello. I first started to notice my hairline go back a bit with I was about 20 years of age. I am now 22 (almost 23). I have been documenting it for a couple of years or so now. I finally have decided to start doing something about it before it's too late. Anyway I have been reading to take the big 3, but I heard Rogain is not very effective for receding hairlines, but propecia is? I am scared of the possible sexual side effects and I do not have health insurance at this time so I do not know if you need a script or not for propecia? I have some pics...its a slow progression I do believe. I shed....especially when I stress over it and make it take over my life. I just started to use Nazoral. (Nioxin didn't do shit) I have many more pics from my Macbook, but these are just a couple. Anyway, thanks for the help friends! (P.S. I am a twin as well.)

***The two pics with the paint on them are exactly two years old this month.***

Dr. Glenn Charles
01-30-2013, 07:36 PM
Are you a identical twin? You would need a prescription to try Propecia and would likely notice any negative side effects within the first few weeks. If you are in the unlucky 1-2% that has the side effects you would stop taking medication right away and things should return to normal quickly. You do still have a good head of hair.