View Full Version : New Here and My Story Of being Bullied

06-24-2009, 09:58 PM
hi my first time here, im glad i found this sight. Im 19 and im about to become 20 next month... How do i start?... ok... at the beginning of it all. As a child i grew up loving my hair. I have always believed that it was a big part of a persons personality and Beauty until that one spot appeared at the back of my head. Everything was ok until the 10th grade. My balded spot all of a sudden got a little noticeble but like everyone that goes through baldling, I tryed to deny it. It looked worse with long hair (but i loved my long hair so much).One day me and my friends were having lunch and two of them decided to poke fun at my bald spot. David (lets call him that) Sayed "OMG when im 22 and i see you, You will have no Hair and i will still be able to style mine around and use ur head as a reflection" Then he started poking my bald spot really HARD...That hurt me alot mentally, even though i still acted like a tuff guy and cursed at him. Later that day in math class i took a deep nap only to wake up with everyone laughing at me. I wondered what the fuss was about but noone would tell me until my second friend Jesse (lets call him that) pulls out a sharpy marker and says " I found the Cure For Baldness". I touch the back of my head only to find Black ink on my fingers. My 'So called Friend' Colored my balled spot in with the sharpy. I Felt Devastated and ran off to the bathroom really upset. Losing hair has made it worse for me to even want to talk to people. Its put me in roller coster of depression. My Past Girlfriends would make remarks like "You know, you would look good bald; thats what I imagine'. Recently another of my ex girlfriend that currently goes out with david has told me 'SHAVE IT ALL OFF (Shouting it infront of my co-workers)'. An hour later a fellow co-worker starts laughing out of nowhere and says "haha sorry its just that when i see a bald part of a persons head i can imagine how they would look bald, you would look funny". My dad came up to me and told me that i was thinning, that made it worse. My mom told me some natural remedys that can cure it, that made me feel even worse. Even my Past barbers would make remarks and it would be so embarasing to me. Almost every friend i have had has made fun of my thinning hair as i secretly envyed them for having healthy thick full head of hair. Today at work, i was really upset, looking for shampoos to save my hair but i heard those were hoaxs. im a college student with a part time job and is worried more about my hair loss than anything else. Thank you for listening. Feed Back Would be nice, i feel sad because of my hair.:(:confused: