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John Frank, MD
01-28-2013, 10:09 AM
This 28-year-old male came to us concerned about both his current appearance as well as the risk of future hair loss. We had several discussions about the nature of his male pattern baldness and strongly encouraged him to take Finasteride as a preventive hair loss measure. After re-iterating the likelihood that his hair loss would be progressive and after multiple consultations, we agreed to proceed with a conservative FU procedure. We originally planned to harvest only 1500 grafts thereby preserving his valuable donor supply of follicles, however we discovered that he had very dense donor hair and actually removed over 1700 FU grafts. They were predominantly cut as follicular units, however, we placed the finest grafts in the frontal hairline. In one regard he is fortunate to have fair complexion and lightly colored hair. As demonstrated, the hairline design is very conservative and his early results at 4 months are documented below. We look forward to showing you further results closer to 8 months and one year.

Before & After (4 Months Post-op): 1769 Grafts
Before & After (4 Months Post-op): 1769 Grafts
Intra-op & After (4 Months Post-op): 1769 Grafts

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