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Jennifer S
06-23-2009, 01:22 PM
Hello There,

I know that anyone contemplating surgery must have second thoughts and wondering whether or not it's going to
improve your appearance at all! I for one, hesitated an awful lot, I did visit Dr Epstein's office more than once
to finalize my decision but what reassured me right from the start is that Dr.Epstein did take the time to answer
all of my silly questions; was never pushy and never did flat out utter the usual sentence " Are you ever going to
do this or what?.... How many more times do you need to come by or call me for questions?..."

I mean, here you have a doctor that not only gives you his private cell number but answers as well! Let's get this
straight from the start, I never fill out any surveys, I only take the time to call and thank them but in this case I wanted
to express my gratitude to Dr.Epstein as share my experiences with you. Hopefully, my message will touch someone
and I'm sure that many of you would relate to as well.

About four to five years ago, I started loosing hair rapidly in the worse spot for a man, in the front area having to cover for
it by overgrowing my hair and never cutting short to show the fast receiding hair line. Then, through a female friend of my wife's
I found out about Dr.Epstein's procedure, that she had done hersel ( patches of baldness for women ) that came out unreal!!
I couldn't even tell.... I mean I'm in sales, I meet clients on a one on one basis, usually having to negotiate within inches of each
other as they wisper their offer! the last thing I needed was to have tubes sticking out and become the laughing stock!!

My first meeting with Dr.Epstein was amazing! He introduced himself and asked why I was there?.... Best of all after going
over what could be done, the procedure, the heeling period and answering all of my questions without rushing me he asked
the most important question of all: How are you doing this procedure for? ( He later told me that he wouldn't operate on a
certain someone because their answer was.. I'm doing it for my wife ) I hope I got it right!

Then, six months later.... Surgery! I was soo exited, I wouldn't sleep I drove the nurses carzy listening to Elvis on the radio!
Anyway, it all went as planned. Obviously, I did swell more than usual and did call Dr.Epstein around 10:30 PM that night
to get his feedback! Elevate your head & quite frankly couldn't remember much more other than it's normal and if it doesn't
get better by morning will see you. It not only go better, I was back at work 6 days later! Everyone, was stairing at me, wondering,
guessing what I had done ( I did mention I was having aminor procedure ) To this day only one person knows!!

Three years later, I'm going back for a second time around to do a little touch up! For me the trick is not to be so obvious and look
like Elvis overnight! Anyway, Dr.Epstein's recommendations are the best!! After all he to has a little secret!! He looks great and
still plays tennis! I was extremely concerned about cutting down on my playtime! None of that, I bike a lot, swim, spin, yoga and even
ski with no problems at all.....

The only advise to avoid any aftermath disapointments you would probably have, as I did myself is the following:
- After the surgery you are supposed to use rogaine twice a day and stop ( for me big mistake, I had an excess of hair, then normal )
After consulting with Dr.Epstein, I use rogaine 4 to five a week, only once a day! Couldn't be better!

Hopefully, if all goes well I will be having my surgery in few months time again..... If you truly want to do something about your appearance
then look no more, you have found a true & honest Doctor in Dr.Epstein. I beleive in relationships above all and his office prides itself
on long lasting relationships!

Thank you Doctor and I look forward to seeing you soon

06-23-2009, 09:10 PM
I'm glad to hear it. I've exchange e-mails with Dr. Epstein and some members of his staff and they never pressured me either, which speaks great volumes. At this point I've decided to hold off on surgery, but based on my research and correspondence with them I've already decided that if I'm going to take the plunge it's going to be with him and/or Dr. Charles. It's very nice to hear positive feedback regarding Dr. Epstein and his associates, and very reassuring. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Jennifer S
06-24-2009, 07:57 AM
I'm very happy to hear that. Please let us know if we can help in any way in the future, and we look forward to taking care of you!