View Full Version : shaving head for procedure

01-24-2013, 04:35 PM
Does this have to happen? Since I already have a scummy FUT scare I want to leave my hair long but I understand if I can't.

Otherwise what about this is a plan;

1) shave my head and get the italian lady to cover up my scar with her SMP procedure (same lady that did Spex)

2) go see Gho and get my first 1500 Gho grafts (ARGGHHHH wish I saw Gho first!!!!!)

01-24-2013, 05:43 PM
They'll probably have to shave your donor area for the extractions so that would mean exposing the scar. I'd recommend emailing them to find out what options you may have though.

If your FUT scar bothers you Kiwi, it might be worth asking HASCI to implant some of the grafts into the scar. HASCI specializes in treating patients with burns/scarring so I'm surprised more people haven't looked into this. In Iron_Man's procedure, I think they tried implanting a couple of grafts in his scar with the HSI implantation method, so it would be interesting to hear his thoughts on this.

Of course, you'll have less grafts to work with in the recipient but that shouldn't be too big an issue with donor regeneration. Ultimately, it comes down to what priorities you have and how much the scar bothers you.

I would never use permanent SMP, but the non-permanent SMP procedure with Milena in Rome might be worth looking into. Maybe it can help with the lack of pigmentation but I don't know too much about the procedure.