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06-22-2009, 08:29 PM
So I've been losing my hair for a few years now, probably started around 18. Recently thought it's been getting more noticible and seems to have been picking up in pace.

I used to have thick curly hair, hair so thick it was hard to put a comb through it. First of all I noticed my temples had receeded, which wasnt a huge concern but it did wake me up to the fact I was facing losing my hair.

I first noticed my temples receeding about 2 years ago, but at first wasnt sure if I was just seeing things or not.

Over the last few months though, some thinning around the crown area has appeared out of no where. At first the hair around there was just thinner (although not visibly) than the rest of my hair, but now there seems to be an odd parting in my hair which shows scalp, and can only be covered when intentionally brushing the hair at the back of my head in a certain direction.

To better explain I'll show some pictures:



Here you can see the odd parting my hair has gained, which I mentioned above. Normally not this bad, as I comb the hair from the back of my head upward and it isnt as visible.



Before taking the above picture I ran my fingers through my hair so it was messed and not all combed forward. Unless the hair is ruffled like this and put under the flash of the camera, it's not this noticible, but it does prove thinning.

And for comparison, here is how my hair looks ruffled, under less intense artificial light:


So, that's what I'm facing.

I want to see a dermatologist in the next few days and I hope to go on propecia. I'm very concerned about the side effects but losing my hair is making me very unhappy and I know it's really my only hope.

I think my main concern right now is shedding, which I know is alot more common than the horrible side effects like ED, so if I experience anything it'll probably be a shed. I'm worried that a shed, while it may only be temporary and may lead to better hair, will cause me to lose so much hair that my current loss will be easily visible. Is this a possability given how much hair I have?

I don't want to be noticibly bald at any point, especially not while on treatment I need to keep up.

All opinions and advice welcome.

PS; I'd also like to say I went to my GP (My own Doctor) about my hair loss and he told me (after a 5 second look at my hair) that I 'probably' have Telogen Effluvium. I have no idea how he diagnosed that by only looking at my hair briefly, but the same guy also said if I was going bald 'theres nothing I could do anyway'. Thoughts on this?

Dr James DeYarman
06-23-2009, 03:43 PM
Your are experiencing male pattern baldness. You should get on Propecia now and follow your progress. I have found that taking a photo of the top of your head in a wet condition with the hair combed straight back will give you the best method to monitor your progress. You might continue to worsen but it will stop. I would also consider PRP therapy for your condition. Commit to one year of therapy and be patient.
Good Luck
Dr DeYarman

06-23-2009, 04:26 PM
Thanks for your reply.

One thing, what is PRP Therapy?