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01-22-2013, 07:13 PM
Hi everyone

I have some questions about human hair characteristics for which I am seeking answers

1-Do hairs on top mostly consist of single hair FUs? or Do these FUs lose their ability to produce multiple hairs due to the miniaturization?

2-İs crown hair naturally thinner compared to the hairs on donor area - sides? or İs this a sign of miniaturization?

3-İs it possible to predict a young person's (age 20-30) ultimate hairloss pattern by looking at miniaturized area and family history of hairloss?

4-Does body produce less dht after a specific age? (My father's hairloss gradually slowed down)

I hope informed members can help me .

Thanks a lot

01-24-2013, 02:46 PM
all I can say is what I heard so probably it's not true and not worth the effort but here I go:
1. I am not sure about the top but the front region and hairline should consist of single FUs.
2. I believe a MPB-immune scalp should have the same hair weight all around and if there are thinner hairs they can be an indication of miniaturization or if you are abusively using products some areas might look unhealthy therefore thinner?
3. Sometimes yes. But that's not how it always works. There are people with over-all thinning but still keep a full head of hair even though they have see-through hair.
4. I think that is correct. As you age your testosterone decreases and therefore less is available to be converted into DHT. But till then you already lose your DHT-prone hairs. They listed normal DHT ranges for men and it seems as you age it gets lower. But I cannot remember where I read it. However if you are very sensitive to DHT even small amounts will have a very negative effect on you (ie. postmenopausal women losing a big amount of hair after estrogen is eliminated from their body)