View Full Version : Focused Hairline Session: Dr. Carlos K. Wesley (1365 grafts)

01-22-2013, 11:11 AM
While not every patient is a candidate for this approach, this 46-year-old patient received a smaller, focused session to reinforce his temporal recessions. Using only 1365 grafts to add density specifically to these areas (and partially into surrounding areas of future loss), this patient, and others like him, may save not only donor hair for the future but also the financial cost of a larger session.

Specific criteria should be met to make this focused approach a viable option: adequate donor density, ample density in the areas not being treated, and a prognosis of only moderate MPB (that can be effectively treated in the future, based on donor availability). This focused approach, in which the area of greatest cosmetic importance is addressed, is much more commonly used in female patients (with FPHL) who may not have subsequent thinning to the same degree as some young men.