View Full Version : Dr. Cole - Total removal of plug grafts via CIT - Case GT

06-22-2009, 04:07 PM
Before coming to IHTI in 05', this patient had 1980's and 90's hair transplant methods performed on him to remedy his hair loss. His request for us was to help him achieve naturalness in a balding fashion. We tell patients to make sure they are comfortable with less hair because 100% growth of previously transplanted follicular units from plugs is unlikely.

As you can see from his before photos, the case was very complex and required major repair. The scalp donor density was extremely low due to previous hair transplants in the 80ís. This disabling condition can only be remedied by transplanting non-scalp donor resources or total plug removal. At 42 years of age, the decided to do a full day of total plug removal and a couple small sessions of repair to become naturally bald. The repair involves dividing groups of large (4 to 6 hair) follicular units then placing these smaller units back into the scalp donor area from where they were originally taken.

The patient's goals are now met and he is pleased with his new appearance. At two years and hundreds of redistributed plugs later, the plugginess is gone.