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01-20-2013, 06:20 AM
I had an HT approximately 4.5 months ago (FUT, 4000 grafts) and began experiencing what my surgeon has told me is very unusual and substantial growth after only 3 months. My hair is extremely thin, and on close inspection I can see that the grafts that have grown out are very close to each other, but not close enough to provide real density. The length of the hair shafts are about 1.5 inches at this point. For the last three weeks, I'm not seeing any other grafts sprouting, and am seriously wondering if this is it. I'm having a difficult time getting the hair "trained" to lay down flat, and you can still see my scalp pretty clearly (kind of like a bad combover!). I've read a lot of forum posts and realize it's still early in the process, but I'm seriously wondring if this is all the growth I can expect; it appears to be at a standstill for over a month now, and I honestly can't see how my surgeon could have transplanted the growths any closer to each other than they are now. My other question is something I've never understood: if all the grafts were transplanted at the same time, and they all fall out and go into a resting stage for three-four months, why do some of them become active and begin growing and others don't show up until much later? Shouldn't they all go into the "active stage" at the same time if they were all transplanted on the same date?

01-21-2013, 11:14 AM

Patience is the toughest part of the HT procedure but one of the most important ones.Trust me i truly know how tough the waiting game is - I have been there many, many times before!! Looking constantly in the mirror, inspecting it every opportunity, driving along staring in the rear view mirror(how i never crashed i don't know) Wondering why at exactly 3/4 months there is still no growth!! Frustrated why the redness hasn't clamed down when forum member X was back to work at 10 days with no worries.

The trick here is to understand that everyone is different in terms of recovery times, growth times, expectations, realisation period etc.
Patience is an essential part of the HT journey and i think it needs more exposure - When embarking down the HT road - "Be Patient!!!"

Just because "Joe Bloggs" had great growth at month 3/4 doesn't necessarily mean you are going to - So being aware of this prior to your HT.
The growth will come in its own time and you will have your realisation in your own time. - Be patient!! Could be 6 could be 10 months.

It's a fact 3/4 months post HT is the toughest time in the entire process but you are only prolonging the agony by expecting to wake up one day around month 3/4 and see it all taking place. It doesn't happen like this!!! It is soooooooooooo slow and gradual that you actually do not see it happen. You will only see the transformation when you compare your pictures along side each other at monthly intervals. A great example was Ian who i spoke with at month 9 post op and he said "well i haven't really seen much difference since month 4" - I showed him his pictures and well you do the maths.


Be patient - I know its tough, really tough!!! By inspecting your hair though 24/7 its actually NOT going to make things happen any quicker - In fact it will make things happen slower - "A watch kettle never boils"

Be prepared post op to really make a conscious effort to put it all on the back burner for 6 months as a bench mark as other wise you will only drive yourself MAD! - Trust me - i speak from personal experience!!You will scrutinise your results constantly, inspecting it every chance you get - and feel that you will always want more hair - Even at month 5/6/7 patients are planning their 2nd session but my advice is WAIT and allow for the first session to reach its max potential

It doesn't matter how many times i say it to people or write it they still feel that their growth has stopped at month 4/5/6...... then come month 10/11/12 they say - wow you were right.. I did get more. . . :rolleyes:Growth doesn't stop for many many months - it can take upto 18 months to reach the max potential from your HT so why guys are convinced after 5 months their growth has stopped is just beyond me :)

If you have received your HT from one of the reputable clinics around today then your growth will continue upto a year along with a great deal of maturing. Many Dr's have commented on time scales for growth and established posters as well who have all been through the HT process and they all agree that you need to assess your HT at at least the 1 year mark in terms of reaching full growth. You the HT recipient will not see the growth just occur - it takes months for the realisation to kick in. It is important to take pictures at monthly intervals to clearly see the progression. Its important that guys realise that HT's are a commitment long term and you must realise that you will always want to refine your hair and wish it were thicker/fuller/denser - This is the nature of hair.

Its vital that guys embarking down the HT road understand that they are not going to get the full result from their HT until
16 / 18 months at least... Months 8-18 are just as important in terms of growth, maturing, thickening as the first 8 months in my opinion.

The success of your HT can only be determined after 18 months especially if you are a slow grower as well.


01-21-2013, 04:51 PM
Great job Spex.

I am at the 2 month mark and its very difficult. I know you give fantastic advice, as do some of the other guys too. However, no matter how much you tell us not to look in the mirror, we are going to anyways. We just paid a LOT of money and had surgery in hopes of looking better .

We have heard the horror stories of failed or botched jobs. We have heard our other hair falls out, or doesnt fall out or will eventually fall out. Anyways we have to have 3 or 4 more surgeries for density or not for density . All kinds of unknowns.

I think you guys are great at calming our nerves. I think its the best we can hope for.

The BEST thing we can do is SHOW the results to others. And I am not talking from shaved head to 8 months later hair grown out to cover up the bald.

I am talking before and after photos of guys with the same length hair, so we can really see what difference the transplant made. These photos -which are rare - calm me the most.

All I want to know is that I have not ruined my body and waste a whole pile of money.

Thanks for all your help. :)