View Full Version : Why do I have this kind of hairloss?

01-17-2013, 08:46 PM
I've already established I have or will soon have hairloss as hairloss runs in the family. But this is a different type of hairloss I am experiencing and its weird as hell.

Ok, last time I got my hair cut was in the beginning of september. Almost immediately after the haircut I was losing more hair than normal. All my hair had white bulbs or follicles attached. After freaking out for a while I realized I most likely had telogen effluvium, I wasnt losing tons of hair to make a noticable aesthetic difference but I personally noticed I was losing tons more than normal and hair was everywhere. Anyways after I did my research and realized it was likely TE as I was very stressed over the summer and at times barely ate. So anyways within time the TE tapered off like it should and my hair more or less went back to normal.

Now fast forward to last week, I get another haircut. And sure enough, the exact same thing, losing hair all over my head with the bulbs intact. I can just grab some hair with my fingers and pull/tug lightly and anywhere from 1-6 hairs will come out. I've noticed that randomly I'll get an itch in an area and I'll pull out hair from there, although this is not necessary and I can pull hair out anywhere regardless. Weirdly enough, I've also noticed that my eyebrows seems more sensitive and if I tug gently I'll still pull some hair out.

Now I'm always gently tugging at my hair cause I'm paranoid about MPB and there is a distinct increase in the loss of hair.

I'm just confused at this point, are haircuts somehow triggering hairloss in me or what?

I'm not to concerned as I think it'll resolve itself like it did last time, but wtf how could haircuts trigger hair loss?