View Full Version : Lanadil or lipoxidil anyone?

06-21-2009, 04:07 AM
Does anyone use lanadil or lipoxidil here? I just started and it seems to be working for me. Its a 2% minodoxil solution that has less irritating solvent and delivery base than the conventional rogaine. When I used rogaine, I shedded insane amounts of hair for 5 months non stop until stopped usage (I wasn't taking anything else either).

I was thinking that my shedding was either an adverse effect of the minodoxil, or the inactive alcohol ingredients, so I desperately tried to look for a non alcohol based solution of minodoxil. (doctors dont think alcohol causes shedding, but in personal experience, whenever I drink or use alcohol based hair products I tend to shed more, and thats not just me overreacting). I found a website called Lipoxidil, but it seems as though I they have stopped operating for some unkonwn reason.

NOw I've found lanadil, a weaker but less harsh solution to the scalp (usually for women because of the weak 2% dosage, but what the hell, were all desperate here). At this point my daily shedding is really quite little now! just after a week! anyone else taking it or want to give me info/advice on it?

anyways - to all of you out there suffering, I know the pain, and I wish you all the best. It can bring out the biggest insecurities if you let it get to you. Good luck!