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01-15-2013, 10:42 PM
I wanted to start out by thanking everyone who has contributed to this forum. The information here is very helpful and interesting to me.

I'm 31 and in week two of my first Minox experience. Around age 25, I noticed my hair beginning to thin. I do not have extreme male patterned baldness, my colic is still full and my crown is covered. My thinning hair seems to be natural temporal recession from aging. Never the less, I resolved to try out Minox to see if I could at least curb the thinning. By age 50, most of the men on my fathers side of the family get an eggplant look and I would like to avoid that if at all possible. I know they claim you get your hair genes from your mothers side, but her family is all carpet heads and my dome looks pretty similar to my dads.

Here's my current ****tail.

regenepure shampoo every morning followed by half a cap of Rogaine Foam after showering and before bed I apply 1mL Lipogaine. I use the foam in the morning and the dropper in the evening because the foam is less oily.

I have some questions as well.

I have heard a lot of good things about rogaine but, not much about Lipogaine. It was sold as a package with the regenepure so I figured I would pick it up. Has anyone had any experience with Lipogaine or regenepure shampoo they can share?

The potential results of Minox on the temples (or lack there of) has been pretty well covered on this forum and I appreciate it. However, I was hoping someone who has more mild receding such as mine might be able to share their experience.

After I give Minox alone a good period of time, I would like to try adding Finasteride to the mix. I have some reservations though. I have read that it can cause impotence or decreased sex drive. has anyone experienced this?

The other issue I have is the cost. It have read that a prescription for Propecia can run between $30 to $50 a month. I stumbled on a post where someone had shared a link to a Canadian pharma website that sold around a years supply of Finasteride for only $50 and I read that in some quantities it is legal to import drugs from Canada. I was wondering if anyone has done this successfully, knows if it is in fact legal and if there are any legitimate sites available.

Beyond all of that, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again to everyone for sharing their stories and wealth of knowledge on the subject.