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01-15-2013, 09:23 AM
Hey guys, I just had a transplant yesterday. This morning I started the spraying of the saline solution to the recipient area, and on the right side blood started to come down my forehead, it wasn't terrible but it was like a line of streaming blood. I can't find the graft if one was lost. Does this mean I lost a graft? If so, one graph won't have a big impact on the results correct? Where the blood ran over, are those grafts effected now too? Thanks in advance for all the help!

01-15-2013, 01:25 PM

Yes my friend, it certainly sounds like you lost a graft as evidenced by the stream/trickle stream of blood. This is not unusual. After roughly three days post-op, the grafts are pretty well secure for "normal" activity. Keep your overall activity low key during the first week post-op.

And no, the stream of blood passing through the recipient area will not hurt the other grafts.

Just keep up the good job of taking care of your grafts as instructed by your doctor.

I wish you the best as you heal and the best is yet to come, the regrowth! ;)

01-15-2013, 01:42 PM
Thanks Gillenator, This is my first graph so I called the doctor and they said apply pressure and stuff you know, the bleeding stopped fairly quickly but they told me to keeping spraying on the saline solution every two hours. I did so again and got blood from the same spot. I really hope that only one graph was lost, I assume there is no way of knowing that? I am just hoping I'm doing everything right right now because I can see where the grafts will grow down the road will be life changing. Thanks again, Gino

01-15-2013, 03:48 PM
You are very welcome Gino.

Here's the deal. Normal blood coagulation will normally hold the grafts in place immediately after placement and as the blood begins to clot at the recipient sites, it acts like glue.

This is why most pre-op instructions restrict consumption of anything that can potentially thin the blood. Things like alchohol consumption, aspirin based products, some food items, and even some cardio oriented activities like jogging all can thin the blood. Even minoxidil should be stopped for a period before surgery.

When I used to work on the inside of the clinics, every now and then we would get a patient who celebrated the night before and had evidence of alchohol on their breath the morning of surgery. The proof would be the techs getting more than challenged by the grafts popping right back out immediately after placement. It can potentially slow down the procedure as the grafts must then be held in place until proper clotting takes place enough to hold the grafts in place. And as you might imagine, these patients would also lose grafts overnight and then wonder why. :rolleyes:

I clearly am not suggesting this was the case for you and doubt that you lost more grafts unless you had multiple streams of blood running down your scalp. Some doctors/clinics will bandage the scalp post-op and have the patient sleep with the gauze covering their scalps overnight only to discover the following morning that some of the grafts stuck to the gauze material and when the bandages were removed, some of the grafts dislodged and were stuck to the bandage. I am not a proponent of bandaging the scalp post-op unless some other factor would require such.

In addition, the bleeding was temporarily stopped from applying pressure to the site. This manually causes the clotting to manifest however when saline is applied to the site, it can potentially compromise the clot and henceforth the bleeding resumes.

I would not worry about that because this praticular graft was already lost. The saline based spray is a good thing because it will help facilitate the healing process for your other grafts that are still seated in your scalp.

IMHO, you're going to be just fine my friend! ;)

01-15-2013, 05:29 PM
Thanks Gillenator, It's very nice to have someone to talk to that knows what their talking about instead of bugging the doctor all the time.

One more thing, hopefully lol, when they say swelling is usual does that mean these goose egg bumps that are on my forehead? I was told to expect it around the eyes and things but I wasn't expecting these massive bumps on my forehead. I'm sure I am just over worrying but rather know if things are normal and all that ya know

Thanks again Gillenator

01-16-2013, 08:15 AM

You are so welcome my friend. Here's the deal with the swelling. Immediately after surgery, the effects of gravity actually pull down the fluids that were injected into the scalp downward. And the first place that we notice the swelling is the forehead. And yes it can for some patients work its way to the eyes.

It is extremely rare for the swelling or puffiness to extend much further than that. Some even experience some mild purple color with the swelling but really nothing to worry about.

Many HT doctors prescribe steroids like Prednisone (low dose) to counter-act the swelling and many will advise the use of ice packs to the area but need to be careful not to place the ice on any grafts in the hairline.

If the swelling persists beyond one week, contact your doctor for further advice, otherwise I think you will find the swelling to stabilize and subside 3-4 days after the swelling commences. ;)

01-16-2013, 06:46 PM
Gil, I have been reading some things and am starting to get a little worried.

You know how I mentioned the trickle of blood I got after losing the graft, well the blood that trickled down has created like a big long line of a scab. I applied the pressure to the spot bleeding but I didn't want to keep dabbing all over where the blood was.

So, should I be OK where that blood has scabbed or clotted all over? The hair follicle will still be able to grow through all that scabbing that has been created?

Thanks again.

01-17-2013, 04:02 PM
Yes Gino, you'll be fine because the scabbing and whatever blood trickle that is leftover will dissipate long before the regrowth emerges. You'll see.

The best is yet to come my friend! :D