View Full Version : 6 month minox shed or what? Losing hope :( diffuser

01-13-2013, 08:54 PM
To give a intro to my story, I've been fighting diffuse thinning on top since 16, now 19. My sides and back and thick as ever.

I tried Fin back in last year Feb for 2 months but noticed decreased/ softer erections and loss of morning wood. I still do not get morning wood till this day but am not having any other ED. I didn't notice much improvement in that time anyways

I then started Minoxidil once a day beggining last July, and felt I was successfully making some regrowth around the 3-4 month mark. However these last two months have just gone utterly downwards and my thinning on top if crazy, even my hairline on which I apply minoxidil has thinned out far more then it ever was. I'm concerned on what could be the cause? I honestly don't feel like I shed much hair on a daily anyways, maybe like 30-40 tops, its always been like that for me. But I feel like whatever I shed, I don't regrow.

This insane thinning has been going on for over a month now and after what I thought was some growth I'm getting discouraged.

Is this some kind of 6 month shed? (I don't even feel like I'm shedding much), should I up thr dose to twice daily? I don't want to risk fin again since I haven't exactly FULLY recovered, though I was thinking maybe once a week is better than nothing.

Can I get some insight? I'm acctually buzzing my head tom for first time cause I feel my hair starting to look worse longer now.