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01-13-2013, 08:36 PM
Hello all. This is my first time posting on a forum. I've been a long time reader of sites like this and I thought it was about time to share my story and see if anyone has advice. So, I'm almost 27, my paternal side of the family is bald(including my grandma) while my maternal side is not. My dad lost most of his hair by age 25. I've fared a little better, as I have focused on trying to correct this problem since I first noticed thinning on top at 19. Been on fin since 2009, no side effects yet (thank the Lord). I would say right now I am a NW 2-3. My hair on top of head falls out easy, like when showering or brushing. I also notice hair randomly falling out onto myself or surfaces around me. I have tried many of the usual "treatments" out so far, but have never stuck with one long enough because I am either impatient or the success stories were not too good. Friends and family think I am crazy for thinking im balding like I am, or even caring this much about it. No one cares until the thing happens to them right? I'm able to call a good bluff with my balding as it is mostly receding hairline, so I have it cut a certain way. You can see my scalp in strong light in some spots if my hair is unwashed and greasy. MY question is this: what would some of you experts recommend to maintain the shedding on top and temples? Right now I take NuHair supps, 1 mg fin and use Bosleys visibly thinning hair care system which it says to use everyday but I am loath to do that as it freaks me out knowing more hair will come out if I wash it everyday. I wish I could not care about how balding makes me look( cuz guys aren't supposed to care about their looks right? smh). I get bad scalp itch and sebum buildup sometimes, it comes and goes.
I do not look good bald, i tried that for 2 years and it wasn't good. Im not one of those lucky balding men. SO, besides HT and Minox, what has helped regrow or stabilize the hairline area, if anything? Any advice is greatly appreciated. My main goal is to keep or regrow what i have left hairline wise until a REAL cure comes out(hopefully by 2015 from what I've heard). Sorry for the novel I wrote, it can happen at first time introductions haha. Thank you all again.