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01-09-2013, 06:01 AM
Happy New Year all.

I've been reading these forums for quite a while but have only now joined to get some advice. I'm 20 and a half, and have had hair loss concerns for around 6 months. I'm looking for any kind of advice or comments, and would be very grateful for either. Here's the gist of the story:

Last summer I was aware of thinning hair at my vortex and potentially a developing bald spot. I became very anxious and obsessive, and already being very stressed at the time (having returned from a long spell abroad), spent a great deal of time every day worrying about it. I went to my GP, who told me it was only naturally a bit thinner, and gave me some T-Gel for a tingling sensation I had in the area. After a couple of weeks, I noticed I was starting to shed hairs for the first time, something which has continued to various degrees ever since. (Only in the last couple of months have I considered that it was the T-Gel, and not stress, that might've initiated this shed.) I went to see a different GP, and then another, both of whom dismissed my hair loss and were more concerned with my anxiety (fair enough, they meant well).

About 3 months ago I started applying Regaine foam, not in a very strict schedule, and recently switched to a generic Minox liquid, applying it a little to my temples which have receded a little, but perhaps only in a mature hairline way and a more general rubbing into my scalp. Yet to notice results. The shedding has come and gone; it's never been as bad as it was around August, before any kind of treatment. I also use Nizoral about once a week.

My hair has certainly generally thinned in the last year, but currently it's not quite noticeable when it's dry. I've attached a photo of the back of my head after I took a shower. My plan is to keep up minoxidil, a little around the temples and then a more general application. I guess I'm also half expecting a recovery from the terrible shed I experienced around September.

I was wondering whether any of you guys have experienced a quite severe itch on your scalp? After I've done exercise, the itch is almost painful. What could this be?

Thank you very much for reading, and I'd appreciate any input.