View Full Version : Natural loooking HT please

06-17-2009, 11:18 PM
Who are some of the best doctors in the world for the most natural looking HT with quality and satisfaction as primary goals? Maybe I should restate that question. If money and location were not a problem, who would you get a HT done by? Quality, satisfactory, natural results are the goal.

I'm 28 with a receding hair and temple line, and thinning on the top from front to back.

Also, what can I expect to pay from one of these top notch docs? Ranges are fine i.e. 2k-4k, 3k-6k, 5k-10k etc...

From all the pics, Dr. Feller and Dr. Shapiro have impressed me the most. Am I on the right track here and who else would be in this group. I'm very close to taking the plunge, but the selection process is so daunting and I'm scared to make a mistake. ANY and ALL responses and advice are especially appreciated.

Thank you for your time!