View Full Version : Dr. Lindsey, an interesting scar revision case

Dr. Lindsey
01-07-2013, 07:42 AM
This nice fellow flew over from the UK 2 weeks ago for a scar repair. He’d undergone a couple of hundred graft case a few years ago. Unfortunately, neither the hair transplanted lived (other than about 30 “stragglers” up front, nor did he get a good scar. He had inquired about me FUEing the few hairs he had up front out, but with his dark Indian skin, and his propensity for poor scars, I recommend he have those few hairs treated with electrolysis.
His scar is very unusual. My best guess is that someone took out too big of a strip, and then did multiple Z-plasty incisions to get it closed. Surprising in that his scalp was quite stretchy and closed from my excision with virtually no tension. HOPEFULLY, that will translate into a decent scar.
Shown are the preop pics, then the skin incised around the scar(s), then a very deep layer closure which takes most of the tension off of the skin, then a subcutaneous closure which really takes all of the remaining tension off the skin, and finally the skin closure sutures, which he had removed in the UK on day 8. The last picture is postop day 1 before he flew home.
I’ve asked him to use vitamin E, not stretch my scar, and to send pics at 1 month.
I’m anxious to see his result next Christmas season.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA