View Full Version : Local hair doc creates his own topical fin/rogaine mix. Will it work?

01-06-2013, 07:40 AM
So I recently got a prescription from my doc for a formula that he makes himself (he has thepharmacy down the street actually prepare it, but he came up with the formula).

The liquid comes in a vial and is 6% minox, 0.03% fin, and then theres 20% of a penetraring agent in it (apparently this helps it get in your skin). Its called DMSO I think. (I live in Canada, I think I read somewhere thatDMSO is not availabke in the US).

Anyways, I have two questions. One, does anyone who is well versed in these drugs think this would be an effective treatment? And two, how do I figude out the mg/day dose of the fin? Like, how many ml of the liquud woild equal 1 mg?