View Full Version : Keeping your scalp healthy in the winter

01-05-2013, 11:40 AM
Hey fellas,

So, I was just curious what, if anything, you guys are doing to keep your scalp healthy during the winter (this is for guys that live in cold areas) .
I'm not blaming my hairloss on the cold, by any means, but my dandruff has been insane the last 2 months. This is obviously an additional sort of discomfort caused by my scalp that I don't need in conjunction with thinning.

The last month my head has been pouring hairs off of it (after a temporary hiatus from shedding), and they're dry, brittle, and just unhealthy as a whole. This is true, to some degree, to even the hairs on the back of my head (which aren't thinning at all).

I live in the Upper Midwest of the US where it's insanely cold, and the heat in my building is dry.

So, I'll start with some of my current tactics:
-Cut back on shampooing to every third day. (1% zinc pyrithione shampoo)
-Condition every other day, occasionally more frequent.
-ALWAYS wear a hat when I'm outside (not to hide my hair loss, but to protect my scalp from the brutal cold. In fact, I'd rather not have to wear a hat because it mats down my dry, thin scalp hair and looks like shit).
-massage my scalp every night for a bit to induce circulation
-take bioton and fishoil daily
-CARDIO, CARDIO, CARDIO, for circulation and dat "feel goooood"

I'm also considering adding a scalp massage oil every couple days to the mix.

Can anyone attest to any of this, or add some other preventative methods to keep my scalp healthy. For you guys living where it's super cold, I'm sure you're at least partially as frustrated as I am by this.