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01-02-2013, 11:36 AM
Irish Male 32 - noticed I was loosing my Hair in the frontal region at the early age of 22 and at 25 got HT - strip in the Middle East where I was living at the time- I recon the Doctor that did the Surgery was starting out and to be honest did an ok job but used a lot less Graphs needed , I was happy with the job and gave me a lot of confidence and 4 years down the line need to get a lot more graphs after loosing more frontal coverage. I was on Procesia and it was helping but really hoped for more in terms of a great result for good. I moved to London and this year have been in contact with a great guy Spex who has put me right on a lot of issues I had and with my own research decided it was the way to go with Dr Feller the right man for the job - so I had my HT with Dr.Feller on the 11th Dec 2012 - 2000 graph FUT HT procedure in New York. I had a Down Time of a Month which worked out great and am now (9 days into it)

There is a lot of info on this Forum about the actually procedure day and really it went all to plan with Dr Feller as like most of his patients experiences. Since I had the procedure done before I knew what to expect but Dr.Feller and his staff were terrific in all aspects- very profession. The most important stage for me was defining the hairline and realistic results as I had goals for myself but let Dr.Feller steers you in the right direction and be realistic.

Once that was done the HT was undertaken which went very well with minimal pain.
I had 1700 put in the frontal Area and as a bonus 300 were spare to put in the crown, which was a great result.

I followed to the letter Post-Opp instructions for the first 3 days - sleeping upright,pain killers use,washing HT areas I then flew back to UK where I had 3 weeks of down time to recover.(I am going alone on this HT no one knows , it was a personal choice), I will have my staples out on day 14 and look forward to that so I can see how to style my hair to let growth even out. I am using Aloe Vera Gel to Aid healing and all is going really well. I know as Spex really emphasis's that Patients is the Key so the waiting game begins.

I am so happy with my decision to go for the HT as I know alot of guys find it the hardest decision - but believe me it worth it and I hope to show over the coming months why, with my updated pics of progress.

Once again my thanks to Dr.Feller, his staff and of course the guy who made it happen Spex I owe a great deal

I have uploaded Pics of my own after 9 days with some of Pre-HT stage to day 18 where i got a buzz cut to tidy up the areas shaved down - also I await Dr.Feller Pics from the day of surgery which I will up load them



01-02-2013, 12:54 PM
Congrats on the procedure! Dr. Feller is among the very, very best, and I'm sure you'll look terrific. Your hair color is really ideal, as it blends in with the skin a little and gives the impression of lots of coverage. I have plenty of confidence that you'll look great when everything grows out; you're in the best of hands.

01-02-2013, 02:10 PM

Congratulations on your recent surgery, and keep us posted with your progress.