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01-02-2013, 07:13 AM
Guys first time poster here but I have noticed something unique among celebritys. Their hairloss for some reason does not get worse compared to the general population. Some from movies and early posters etc have clear receeding that doesnt seem to accelerate well into their latter ages. what is their secret if any or they just gifted. I will just roll some off the tongue

Sting-severe receeder that has held on for many years without getting worse

George H Bush and son George W-clear receeding for especially father Bush but has maintained same hairline for lifetime despite early accelerated receeding.

Neil Diamond-Hair looks thin and dying for many years but hairline has held on despite early receeding.

Bill Murray-very early aggressive receeding but still got some forelock.

Greg Norman-thin limp hair still hanging on towards 60.

Jay Cutler-absolute proof that testosterone has no role in hairloss and dht is the key..still got juvenile hairline.

Matthew Mcounoughy- Clear receeding that has halted and even looks to have improved.

David Beckham-Any early loss from a few years ago have appeared to be regrown.

matthew broderick-receeding hairline has held firm despite Jude Law totally going to water.

nicolas cage-severe receeding in con air movie....but has never gotten much worse.

There are others and we could go on and on.Bottom line is some never get worse even though we can scrutinise their hair by seeing them in the media constantly.

01-02-2013, 07:38 AM
First off,,these are all WEALTHY men you've mentioned. They can afford, HTs, weaves, wigs, or whatever it takes to maintain the public images that they prefer to keep.
To add, commonsense will tell you that other celebs like Bruce Springsteen and Bill Maher obviously had HTs done too.
Other celebs like musician Paul Simon once wore a decent hair piece. He later took it off.
Actor Jason Alexander (a norwood 7+) currently wears a full hair piece.
If I were a very wealthy man, my particular hair loss would have been TREATED by now with what would be considered the best personal improvement for me.

So to answer your threads question-"do these guys know something we dont?"
The answer is NO they dont,,but they can easily AFFORD things that we cant and they have more time on their hands to explore their options... we dont.

01-02-2013, 02:19 PM
Jay Cutler has been juiced up for years and what an incredible hairline he has.

The is rumour that Matthew Mcconaughey has a front wig. I think Jotronic mentioned this somewhere.

I had seen pictures a while back with David Beckham appearing to have thinning when he had a shaved head.

The level of baldness is hard to predict. Some guys reach a a certain norwood level early in the age, and don't progress much more. Others yet can not lose a hair, then suddenly develop aggressive hairloss later in life.

There is no doubt that some celebrities that are on finasteride.

Tracy C
01-02-2013, 11:45 PM
Jay Cutler-absolute proof that testosterone has no role in hairloss and dht is the key..still got juvenile hairline.

Never heard of Jay Cutler but DHT is only half of the story. The degree of sensitivity to DHT in your hair follicle's is the other half. Obviously Mr. Cutler is a very lucky man who inherited no follicular sensitivity to DHT.

Yummy Mr. Mcounoughy wears hair. Mr. Cage has had transplant surgery - and not a very good one in the beginning.

01-03-2013, 12:28 AM
Your right Tracy about sensitivity to Dht but my point is a lot of ppl clutch at straws by talking about excess testosterone causing hairloss.I mean all you hear is working out raises testosterone and what notand body building is a no no but clearly Jay Cutler is clear evidence.I also remember Ronnie Coleman growing a juvenile hairline after many years of shaving it.You could have all the testosterone in the world as these guys are drowning in it but long as it doesnt convert to dht your ok.That is where all these oils and vitamins etc wonjt do anything if you dont have dht under control.Bottom line is fight dht and your ok even though its too late for me I am now pretty content with just a semi combover with some hairspray even though ive lost my forelock and have hair similar to a Chairman Mao.

01-03-2013, 05:51 AM
John Travolta has a rather obvious transplant / hairpiece / whatever it is. You'd think with his money he could afford the absolute best surgeon or consultant in the world.

01-03-2013, 12:27 PM

I think it is more likely down to being poorly informed by the advisors/agents they use.

01-03-2013, 01:58 PM
matthew broderick-receeding hairline has held firm despite Jude Law totally going to water.

I think he just has really slow mpb. Have not seen in about a year or so, so could have changed but last time he was on a talk show it looked like his crown may be starting as well.

01-03-2013, 09:32 PM
As much as I sort of dislike this discussion, look at Charlie Sheen. His temple line has shown the SAME amount of recession for years and years now. How? He must be using SOMETHING. These guys have the means, and their look is their bread and butter. Even if they have loss, they have the means of covering it up. Some people believe Sean Connery still has hair - but in truth, he just wears a great looking rug in front of the camera.

Remember, a lot can be changed for the camera and there is no way to tell "for sure." I've seen Brad Pitt up close, and he's got a lot of those popped pimple marks on the skin just to the side of his eyebrows and on the side of his nose. He's also so tiny I felt I could snap him like a twig.

But who's the sex symbol? One of us 'normal' people? Hah! No sir, Mr. Pitt is.

That's why there are posts like "Ben Affleck is BALD ! ! ! " not because anyone likes to pick apart others, but it makes all of us a lot more comfortable when we realize that good looking celebrities suffer from the same things that we do. Its like when we were in grammar school or high school. If you know that some of your friends were messing up and bombing on tests, you didn't feel so bad if you were too. Its the same thing here. Its comforting to know that others are going through the same thing as you and me. It would be nice for celebrities to come out and admit their usage of certain products or regimens though. Then it would make it much more acceptable in the public's eye.

In the end some folks just have 'good' hair genes and they don't give a damn about their diets. We're all dealt different cards...

01-04-2013, 06:22 AM
I think the suspicions that celebritys may have more avenues to stuff the general public dont know about or cant afford is by simple visual inspection.
I mean there are numerous examples that raise eyebrows such as:

Daniel craig-receeding hairline evident from the first time we saw him but not progressing like the average Joe.

Mel Gibson-Hints of massive hairloss for years but held firm and looks great.

Tiger woods-early frontal recession evident years ago but now looking stronger.

David Furnish-receeding hairline but looks like very healthy hair where as average Joe receeding hairline looks more vulnerable.

Shane Warne-has responded to laser treatment spectacularly where as the majority of the ppl on these forums who have tried laser therapy dont respond as well.

It just backs up comments before that looks and vanity to celebritys are pretty much their lives.So they obviously cant brush their hairloss under the carpet which begs the question of why they are more successful or respond better than the average Joe.