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12-26-2012, 06:51 PM
Hey all,

A little background. I'm asian and 35. My hair has always been super thick to the point of having to thin it out at each haircut with thinning shears. At the beginning of the year, I'd say about feb/mar I noticed for the first time I was thinning. Diffuse hair loss in the hairline and general frontal area. I didn't do anything about it for 8 months but I was becoming more and more paranoid and aware of the increase in the changes to my hairline. I am lucky in the fact that no one but me can notice these changes, not even my gf. She probably thinks I'm crazy but I'm sure people here understand. At month 8 I pulled the trigger and saw a highly recommended and reputable hair loss specialist and he put me on finesteride and minoxidil pm. Previous to treatment I used multivitamins, biotin, nioxin shampoo and nioxin recharging complex supplements for at least 6-8 month. When I started treament I dropped all but multivitamin, biotin and shampoo.

Start date Oct 13, 2012.
So month 1 - taking 1/4 proscar generic and rogaine solution at night and the foam 2-3 times AM a week. No improvements, no worsening. Libido decreased 25-30% with testicular soreness. It's difficult to determine whether the decrease in libido was psychological with all the internet buzz and stress of the hairloss.

Month 2 - Definite increase in shedding and increase in frontal diffusion. I combat this with dermmatch. I used toppik at first and the results were great but at the hairline it seems a bit more artificial looking and with sweating at the gym dermmatch seems to stay in place better than toppik. One improvement is the new vellus at the temples. My temples were not a concern but it's nice to see some positive changes. Libido is improving slightly, I'd say 20% decrease overall from 25-30% and testicular soreness is not as apparent.

Month 3 - it's a little early to report a full month three but I'm on vacation and I have spare time. I feel like I'm still in the shedding phase as I can lose several hairs just running my hands through my hair. During showering and styling I seem to lose 20-30 hairs, which is considered "normal". Counting hairs will drive you crazy but sometimes you can't help it. Seems to either show no signs of improvement yet and if there is slight worsening it is only very slight from month 2. Getting the hang of dermmatch. Applying dry can take much longer but it is way more subtle on the hairline. Libido still at 20%, but testicular soreness is gone and has been for at least a week or two. Will try to update monthly if possible and if people are interested. Photos will follow but I'm trying not to take too many photos. Perhaps just at important landmarks. Baseline, month 3, month 6, 1 year.

Hopefully I will see improvements soon. Thanks for reading.

Happy holidays.