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12-24-2012, 04:28 PM
My experience

21>26yrs minimal hairloss but obvious to me. hair has always been v.thick so although it still looked good i could tell that it was slowly thinning > not obvious to others i don't think outside of slight recession

27yrs could see the start of the slippery slope appearing with slight vertex thinning > hairs loosing pigment and less thick > not bad though

so i jumped on emu/castor oil and EOD washing of hair with Avalon Organics to be proactive > hair got worse all over in about 2 months

panicked and jumped on Fin > 2 months went by no sexual sides > in fact higher libido but hair shedding like hell > like never before > accompanied by an itch. itching developed in places that never ithced before (now a yr on those places that itched with first use of fin are v.thin

stopped fin and went onto RU & AHK > rigid and focused with my apps. Result hairloss accelerated and itch continued.

in between dabbled with toco8 for 3 months did nothing > texture of hair changed and became straw like > but i think that was the process fin had kick started coming to fruition

i'm now about to drop RU and no idea what to do next.

i wish i had never started messing about with topicals and internals im sure my hair would not be in such a sh+t state

im no doctor so i can't comment only personal. however i think by introducing anti-androgen internals and topicals that my body created more of them and more sensitive hair follicles and i kick started a more aggressive pattern of hairloss

i know this because 2 weeks ago i did an experiment with fin. i took 0.25 EOD > my head would itch like hell the day i took the fin then drop off the second day. I would then start up the second day and the itch would return.

its the same with RU > no itching for circa 6 hrs after app then bang the itch will be mad until i apply again.

very annoying.

nobody can say i didn't give the treatements long enough > i simply wasn't going to continue on Fin when it was visibly in front of my eyes making my hair worse and driving the itch.

i can say too that applying oil to my hair or scalp causes big shedding and itching > emu/castor/olive/jojoba whatever. from 21>26yrs i never put a drop of oil near my head, washed my hair once a week and used a matte clay wax. i swear that original use of emu/castor oil changed something on my scalp and then finasteride changed some internal bits resulting in rapid loss.

think my plan will be stop all treatments hope the intense itch backs off and my hair drops back to the slower mpb pattern it was on before i started to dick about with treatments

12-25-2012, 08:22 AM
Sorry to hear.

I know fin works for many folks but you have to weigh your options and see what is the best course of action for YOU. Have you considered hair omega 3 in 1?

12-25-2012, 10:48 AM
why no Rogaine?