View Full Version : HT action plan

12-24-2012, 01:11 PM

I am off for a HT next year ( FUE ), however the mounting evidence supporting HST and Gho is sort of putting a spanner in the works.

I was initially going to get an FUE then go to Gho in a few years IF it is proven to regenerate the donor area. I dont believe this is 100% proven yet ( failed extractions and absolutely accurate donor pics ), but is not far off.


It seems pointless to get a FUE and reduce my donor supply if HST can overcome this. However I am not sure about Gho's hairline work, which is my main area of concern.

If Gho DOES do good hairlines then no doubt it would be HST all the way.
But I am considering FUE to address the hairline and then Gho down the line

Advice? Be great is some HST peeps could chime in also

Thanks in advance