View Full Version : itchy scalp after some harassment, am i in for a shed? or is it unrelated?

12-22-2012, 05:08 AM
someone wrote an insult on my facebook meaning to say it to my older sister because we have the same picture of the two of us together and naturally i was not impressed, i told this person the truth that they were a loser manipulating the government getting ssi when they arent disabled who is insults everyone around them to make themself feel important instead of working towards anything positive for gratification. this persons response was to start sending me harrassing messages and texts encouraging me to kill myself knowing i have tried in the past and talking about my dad who just died. luckily i really could not possibly care any less what this thieving loser thinks and im not stupid enough to off myself because some retard who nobody likes with no redeeming qualities told me to, but it has been quite stressful. that same day i started having an itchy scalp. could this be a sign im about to shed from the stress? or could it be the finasteride shed coming on and a sign its working? im around 2.5 months in. or could it be from switching the side my hair parts on recently?