View Full Version : 1500 CIT on class 3 patient - 12 months post-op -No strip scars

06-10-2009, 10:11 AM
This class 3V patient was treated with approximately 1500 CIT grafts. The recessions were lowered by approximately one centimeter to create a more youthful appearance and frame the forehead. A natural looking frontal hairline can be produced by the delicate placement of single hairs, followed by two-hair follicular units.

The photos attached below depict 12 months of matured hair growth on the frontal third. You will notice that the patient’s hair is wet in the after photo showing a side view. Generally wet photos can make a result look thinner even if an area has been restored aggressively. As of now, this patient has the confidence to wear a shorter or longer hair style without having the linear scar from strip (FUT) method. Hair loss can continue over time so some patients may continue to use medical therapy even after the procedure to help stabilize the loss of pre-existing hair. Congrats to this patient on the positive outcome.