View Full Version : To rug, or not to rug?

12-13-2012, 07:50 PM
I actually posted about starting a Rogaine treatment for hair that is thinning at the vertex and I am waiting to see if the Rogaine works, but I am planning for the worst. I always figured that I could do a hair transplant if it did not work, but now I am hearing that the crown/vertex is incredibly expensive to deal with and so I am wondering if I should go with a hair system (toupe, if you will).

Anyway, I am 30 yo and about 6'3'' and keep my hair short (about an inch) so I figure a rug on my bald spot (if it emerges further after Rogaine) would blend in fairly well. Is this possible? Anyone have any experience? Can a toupe just cover a bald spot, or does it have to be the whole head? (My front hairline is fine, it is just the vertex.)

I know propecia works well, but I am afraid of the side effects.

Thanks for the help!

12-13-2012, 09:07 PM
You might consider a concealer for a thinning crown. Something like Toppik should be practically undetectable in a situation like yours.

Propecia would be your best option in terms of effectiveness for a thinning crown. In many cases it would restore a thinning crown significantly or even completely. If I were in your place I would give it a try, and stop if I experienced sides.

But rogaine should be effective in the crown too, at least for a couple of years.

Your other option is a transplant to the crown. It would be much cheaper than most HTs because you'd have a smaller area to treat. And no tricky hairline!

I guess you could get a hairpiece for a smaller area like the crown but in most cases, they are used for NW 6-7. Concealers, meds and transplant would be appropriate IMO.

Good luck!