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12-11-2012, 09:55 AM
Hi all. Ok so I am 26, been receeding for about 4 years. I have always had fairly long shaggy hair that I wore forward so it wasnt something that bothered me until recently. Its now going very thin and there is not much left at the front - NW3/4. I would just shave it off because I think it looks quite good on some people but I am very short for a guy and I dont think I could pull off punk/nutter very well.

The more I read, the more it doesn't seem like there are many good options. I would save up for a HT down the line but I have no idea how far the receeding will go - also I don't know much about HT: when to have it / what sort to have / how much it costs / what can go wrong.

The only drug that seems to have a significant effect on the majority of people is this finasterside. But the horror stories! Jeez! Also on wikipedia (most reliable source ever I know) it lists erectile/seamen problems as only effecting 1-2% of people. This is pretty big for a start but I get a sense, at least from this forum that more than 1-2% of people note these sorts of problems. Then of course there is the fear that it has a permanant effect after stopping the treatement. I don't know if I love my hair enough to risk loosing the use of my ****...

Would it make sense to start on this drug slowly - like really slowly and document sexual function over time in order to back out if something went wrong. Would this mean I would see no difference for my hair?

Also I think my loss is accelerated due to stress - just a feeling. I am always worried about everything and no one in my family (although some have lost / did loose their hair) lost as much as I have as young as I am.

Finally I cant find a consensus on any other product (other than min & fin) where everyone agrees that it actually works. As soon as I see one person shouting "snake oil" I am inclined to believe them. It would actually be really helpful if there was some sort of unbiased, independent flowchart or table that I think many people on this forum would be more than qualified to work on. Something that had a full list of all the drugs, creams, herbal products, jargons & hair transplant types that are known with advantages & disadvantages. A huge undertaking im sure but it would be a great thing to point people to when asking questions like mine which have probably been asked 50 times before but difficult to find in the sea of threads.

12-11-2012, 01:12 PM
Search "Big 3" to see the more widely accepted hair loss treatments. Where to start is dependent on how much hair you have, how long you're willing to wait, and what you're willing to risk and spend.

Don't dwell too much on the idea of seasonal hair loss, stress related hair loss, and the genealogy behind MPB - you'll drive yourself crazy. Obviously, they should be considered, but you're best bet is to get a biopsy and blood work done to identify whether or not you have MPB instead of speculating as a non-professional.

Who to see if up to you. I saw a GP who was worthless, and then a dermatologist at a major research university who was surprisingly helpful and considerate.

Start by researching the "big 3" and getting checked out by a physician of some sort. Do your homework and you will increase your odds of success.

Kind regards.

12-11-2012, 04:32 PM
Stats on the frequency of side effects are quite varied, but in many cases side effects will be the result of the nocebo effect.

I posted an article earlier about a study into this:


Basically, the study found that side effects were reported in 15.3% of Finasteride users who weren't aware that such effects were a risk, versus 43% of those who took the drug knowing of the risk. That's pretty significant!

I'm thinking this is going to be especially true of people who post on the hair loss forums, who tend to be extremely aware of the potential side effects.

Wiki article explaining nocebo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nocebo